Life Lessons/Things I Learnt After Completing High School (part 2)

#2. I discovered my passion for reading non-fiction

Firstly, one must know that I was a big fan of fiction. I have a great collection of novels I have bought and completed reading and are now lying around at home. However, in this period of about two months, I have discovered the value of reading non-fiction. Furthermore, I have developed a deeper passion and love for reading since I started reading non-fiction.

What non-fiction material am I reading? Firstly, there are Christian books. This has greatly benefited me in understanding my faith better and deepening my relationship with God.

Secondly, self-help books and e-books. These books are invaluable and have changed my perspective on life regarding certain matters. Here is a list of some of the self-help material which I am reading/have read in descending order of their impact on my life:

  1. Slipstream of Time Hacking by Benjamin Hardy (this e-book has helped me redefine my perspective on daily life. Download it for free here)
  2. The Ultimate Guide to Creating the Perfect Morning Routine by Chris Winfield ( (FREE!)
  3. How to Save 23.3 Hours Each Week by Chris Winfield ( (FREE!)
  4. How Did I Get So Busy? by Valorie Burton (NOT FREE 🙂 )


Thirdly, articles. There is an uncountable number on articles on every topic under the sun available to us online. Articles range in credibility and quality of substance based on the sources it originates from. Some of my favorite sources of articles are from Benjamin Hardy’s blog (, Chris Winfield’s blog (, Jeff Goin’s blog (, Ben Noble’s blog ( and Kally’s blog (

The articles and self-help books I read are generally based on the topics of PRODUCTIVITY (my new favorite word), TIME MANAGEMENT, HABITS/ROUTINES and CHANGES IN LIFESTYLE.

Non-fiction has helped me to improve my life by leaps and bounds. I hope it will do the same for you too. If you read this article, then you have read non-fiction! Pick another blog post of mine (shameless promotion 😛 ),  a non-fiction book/e-book/article and start reaping the benefits of non-fiction NOW! Thank you for reading.



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