How I Started My Day At 4AM

SNORE!!! SNORE!!! I woke up at the sound of this rude awakening….

My body only had about 2 and a half hours of sleep at best at this point. You see, yesterday I travelled  and fell asleep in the company of Christian students and facilitators at this office in Kuala Lumpur. Sleeping without the privacy and setting as well as the comforts of my room and lying in a sleeping bag on the ground was something I had done before in scout camps. Does it make that any easier? Unfortunately no. During scout camps, I was exhausted when I hit the sleeping bag. Yesterday, I slept for most of our journey here and so I laid wide awake in my sleeping bag, awaiting sleep to hit me between the eyes.

Sometime around 1AM, I must have fallen asleep, finally escaping the clutches of insomia. Then at about 3.30, SNORE!!! GRRR!!! SNORE!!!! GRR!!! I woke up at the sound of this repeated snoring. Someone obviously did not sleep quietly around here. I tried my hardest to get back to sleep. After a half hour of failed attempts, that was it; I being the forever optimist decided to start my morning routine two hours before schedule. A cold shower later, and here I am writing this post. I am going to be reading my books (read more about my reading habit here) and then await eveyone else to begin their day.

All in all, I still feel great and awesome though being sleep-deprived. This might be because gratitude is one of the activities on my moring routine list. At this point, I am still grateful for so many things. Here are some of them:

  1. A new day to live (I did not die in my sleep, YAYY! Forever optimist ahaha)
  2. Being able to write this blog post (thank God for writing skills even though my high school teachers never thought much about them)
  3. Starting the day with a shower (some places do not have water)
  4. Having clothes to wear
  5. Having internet to publish this post
  6. Having a laptop to write this post
  7. Having good music in my phone to start my day
  8. The books I brought in my bag (they are heavy to travel with but it’s worth it)
  9. A safe journey yesterday
  10. New experiences awaiting me in my day ahead

The list goes on. There are so many minute things God has blessed us with. Make it your practice to be grateful for them as you start your mornings each day (Monday or not 🙂 ) and start being a more contented person today. Thanks for reading.


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