Life Lessons/Things I Learnt After Completing High School (part 3): The SPM results do not REALLY matter…

If you are reading this article, you either agree or disagree with the title of this article. So, do the SPM results REALLY matter? Here is what I think.

The SPM is the public examination all students in public schools have to take before graduating high school/secondary school. In preparation, there are 2 years of required study of the syllabus required for the examination. The number of subjects a student sits for in the examination varies. For example, I took 11 subjects (the extra subjects being Economics and English for Science and Technology) while most students took 9 subjects. This Thursday, the results will be out, so do the results REALLY matter?

When the results are out, some will do better than others. Some will cry tears of joy while others cry tears of sorrow and regret. Others will have mixed feelings of happiness and disappointment. So, do the SPM results REALLY matter?

NO and YES!! 

NO because SPM is just a milestone, a ruler if you would like, and what it measures is your competence to perform to the ideals it has set.

YES, scoring well in the SPM proves you are able to thrive in this education system. You are able to memorize the facts and concepts better than others. You are able to do what you are required to do to score well in the SPM.

NO because most SPM students will not remember half of the things they have learned while preparing for SPM. NO because SPM can divide students based on who are academically more brilliant but it does not accurately measure how successful you will be in life. Remember I said that SPM could be compared to a ruler? Well, the fact is that this ruler is a little too short to measure anything other than your near future of about 3 to 5 years.

However, as most parents love to point out, SPM results are important. I am not denying the fact that it is important but ultimately it is not the do-or-die of life nor doe it determine whether you are a failure or success in life.

YES it is important for applying to colleges. YES it is a phase you have to go through in life so why not excel at it? (it gives parents bragging rights to other parents too ahaha)

In my opinion, YES the SPM results are valuable for certain reasons to which I am sure most students have been told of by their parents, teachers, principals….aunties, uncles, grandparents, the person on the street, etc. However, I think most students are unaware of the actual benefits SPM can provide a student. SPM can and should help us to answer the following questions:

While preparing for SPM, did you put your whole effort into doing so? How did you dedicate time to study? Were you disciplined as you prepared for the examination? Were you obedient to your parents as you prepared for SPM? How were your relationships with friends and family? How did you handle stress? Did you learn to manage your time better? Have you learned to control your use of technology and not let it control you instead? Have you learned the difference between being busy and being productive? Are you still faithful in your walk with GOD as you prepared for SPM? Or have you relied solely on yourself to do well in the examination? Have you developed the character traits of not giving up, being diligent in your work, being open to asking questions, learning to socialize, developing new ways to solve problems and having a growth mindset?

Indeed, I believe that the above questions are a better reflection of the success of the SPM in producing future leaders of the nation. So, please remember the SPM results do not REALLY matter in determining your success in life but it does and is able to help us along our journey through life if we look at it objectively  (you can quote me to your parents 😛 ) I believe that each and everyone of you still can continue on in your respective journeys of life and be an amazing individual.


No matter how good or bad your results are, here are a list of things you can be grateful for when receiving your results:

  1. Being alive to even receive your results (I know this sounds lame but thank God you did not die while doing all the things you did while waiting for your results)
  2. Your parents still love you (even when you do not think they do)
  3. Your teachers still care for you (at least some teachers genuinely do)
  4. You have graduated and completed five years of studies (that was a tough ride eh?)
  5. You made friends in secondary school
  6. You still have your whole life ahead of you!!

God bless all of you students who are taking your SPM results. Cheers to you for surviving this part of your journey through life.

Thank you for reading.

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