3 Ways to Start Taking Cold Showers TODAY!

Cold showers are such wonderful things. They turn your OKAY days into AWESOME ones. Personally, cold showers have helped to improve my mood and to start my days with an awesome mood. After physical exercise, I take cold showers too as they refresh me. Here are some benefits of taking cold showers as listed by the World Wide Web:

images (2)

If you would like to start taking cold showers today, here are 3 ways you can get started with this awesome practice.

1. Firstly, you do not need to change the temperature of your shower just yet. You set it at whatever levels of warmth you are comfortable with and hop into the shower as usual. Then, as you are about to end your shower, slowly decrease the temperature of the water till the heater is totally switched off. Then, try to last a full minute as the cold streams of water gush down upon you.

2. This second method starts off with the heater turned off. Turn on the shower and let the icy cold water pour down. Slowly, get into the shower, one body part at a time till you are fully immersed and comfortable showering in the cold.

TIP: Do not back down once you start entering the cold shower. Go ahead and push yourself deeper into the cold and your body will soon acclimatise. A goal you should set for yourself when using this method is to decrease the amount of time you take to be fully immersed.

3. In this method, all you do is turn on the cold shower and hop right in and get fully immersed. Focus on breathing normally as your body sends you signals to GET OUT OF THERE! Realise that the sensation of cold is only a nerve impulse being sent to your brain.

TIP: Try imagining the nervous signal being sent to your brain visually. Then, visually imagine a wall you set up to block the transmission of the said signal. Do this as you try to control your breathing and in no time your body will have acclimatised.


Just enjoy yourself as you try out this 3 steps until the process of taking cold showers becomes the easiest thing to do in your morning routine. Have fun and start having more awesome days by taking cold showers TODAY!

Will you try the practice of taking cold showers today?

THANK YOU for reading 🙂


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