Da Ruey Quotes: (#1)

Which is more painful, the pain of trying or the pain of regret? —Da Ruey

When was the last time you decided to play it safe and not try or do something? When was the last time you said no to an opportunity just because you were afraid to fail or because you were too shy?

Let me give you a few examples:

  1. You decide not to study too hard because your results are already OK.
  2. You did not ask that cute girl out because you were afraid.
  3. You did not take the chance to learn to play a musical instrument because it seemed too difficult.
  4. You decide not to try to take up a new sport because you think you will suck at it.

So many times, we shy away from chances and opportunities because of one reason or another. But, we mainly do so because we’re afraid of failure. We think or say things like:

  1. What if I fail?
  2. What if I get rejected?
  3. What if everyone laughs at me?
  4. It’s too difficult la.

Today, let me encourage you with the above quote to go out into the world and try or do something you have been putting off—something that seemed like fun but you were just too afraid to do or something new which you wanted to try but was afraid you would fail at—because the pain of regret outweighs the pain of trying. Trust me on that. How many times have you heard someone older than you talk about their regrets in life? They say things like:

  1. I wish I became a doctor/engineer/….
  2. I wish I had asked that girl out.
  3. I wished I had studied harder.
  4. I should have spent more time with my family.
  5. I wish I traveled more when I was younger.

Me? I’m afraid of going down that same road. Every time I think about the above quote, the pain of trying seems far less than the pain of regret. Anyways, life’s too short to have regrets. Nike got it right with their tagline: Just Do It!

Failing is short-term. Regrets are long-term. So, try more and regret less today!

What is one thing which you are going to do today to avoid regrets in life? 

THANK YOU for reading.



3 thoughts on “Da Ruey Quotes: (#1)

  1. chen ping ngim says:

    i tried and am still trying. assisting in handling 2 special needs kids. can i stand his yelling? am i capable of handling a 10 year old girl who soiled her pants, who licks her fingers, who messed up her clothes while eating etc. etc. etc. ? with grace, with compassion, with love and above all with a calling from the Almighty i should try, am trying and will continue …… today, tomorrow…..till i can no longer try……

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