5 Goals I Plan To Achieve in The Next 3 Months

I’m heading off to college in August. Meanwhile, I have set 5 goals for myself to achieve which will hopefully help me to make good use of the next 3 months.

#1. Start studying once more

I know I know this sounds nerdy right? But, the truth is I haven’t done much studying or focused work since last year. I’m not sure I can even sit down and study for 2 hours without losing focus or getting distracted.

I’m planning on setting apart time for studying in my schedule so I can get my rhythm and focus back on track. I’m going to work on my English and Maths skills mostly. English in college is different compared to the English we learn in the public examination system and takes some time to master. Maths is a matter of dedicated practice.

I hope to prepare myself well to start studying and striving for academic excellence once more in college.


#2. Improve my freestyle

When it comes to freestyle, I hope to be able to push my level as far as it can go in this 3 months. Training takes time and is generally quite tiring. I’m not sure I will have that much time to train once college begins.

I’m planning on mastering the basics and be able to do them with both feet. This is a little difficult as my left foot seems to be taking some time to train and master tricks.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to upload one or two more YouTube videos in this  coming 3 months too.


#3. Write more blog posts

I’m planning on getting 20 blog posts up on this website before I head to college (this post is the 13th one on this website).  I’m not sure I will be having much time to blog in college so I best make use of this time to write as much quality content as I can.


#4. Increase my productivity

When studying for SPM last year, I wasn’t the most productive person. I would stay up late and study till early in the morning (say 4 AM) but how much I learnt from those late late sessions, I’m not really sure.

You can be busy but not productive and that’s what I personally still struggle with. There’s so many things trying to grab my attention span at any one time. Multi-tasking and distractions are causing me so much wasted time daily.

I hope to be able to eliminate distractions and procrastination from my daily life and be able to be productive in accomplishing tasks. I hope to be able to manage my time well before heading to college.

#5.Strengthen my faith

Once I head to college, I’m basically on my own. I will have to make more of the big decisions my parents used to make for me. Yes, religion included.

For me, I’m still reading and finding out more about Christianity and hoping to strengthen my relationship with God. Two questions which serve as guidelines for me in this quest are:

a. What do I believe in?

b. Why do I believe in it?

In college, it’s so easy to fall away from one’s faith. There are new challenges and new obstacles relating to my faith which I will have to face. Knowing deep down in my heart the basis of my faith will surely help me in this aspect. Furthermore, it helps me determine the values and principles which I will strongly hold on to no matter the situation.

Well, that’s the 5 goals I plan to achieve in the next 3 months. Do pray for me as I work towards achieving these goals.


THANK YOU for reading.



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