RAUDEY Volume 1



My name is RAUDEY and I am a part of Da Ruey. I am the voice which screams out at him when he’s writing, building models or doing anything deemed as creative. I am the voice which whispers a new idea for a blog post when he’s in the shower. A fleeting voice which if he does not heed ensures that a new idea is lost to the back of his mind.  I am the voice which wakes him up at 1 AM in the morning when he cannot sleep, asking him to write because I know that writing helps him to be at peace and ensure rest.

I am a creative sociopath, confined to the mind of Da Ruey, my human. He’s not so bad. He’s been letting me out more often these days. Scheduling ‘Creative Time’ periods every week where he builds models with his hands, solves puzzles, or even just listens to a new genre of music (classical, ugh). He has also been working hard on certain projects where he needs to write everyday to complete it so that means more time for me.

But, beware! Once I take over, there is a supernatural flow of thoughts. Coming out of the shower with a new idea, I sit there in my chair, a towel wrapped around my waist, and type and type until the next blog post is done. When I’m sitting at Mac Donald’s alone, with earphones playing no music plugged into my ears, a latte by my side, I flourish. I write and I write because that’s what I do. That’s what creative sociopaths do. We create. And we don’t stop. We continuously look for the next new thing. The next creative project, the next blog post, and the next YouTube video. Content creator is my middle name.

So, hear my voice and notice me. Remember my name: RAUDEY, a very creative anagram (the result of rearranging the letters of a word to produce a new word) of DA RUEY. Because in the days to come, you’ll see and hear more of me, my thoughts conveyed in digital words on Da Ruey’s blog or in his Instagram captions (@daruey)

My name is RAUDEY and I am a creative sociopath.


(an introduction to my world)


1. Stop looking for love if you have not learned to love yourself. So many teenagers think that they will be happy if they were in a relationship. I know I used to.

But, the fact is you have to first learn to love yourself. Learn about the things that make you happy and the things that make you sad. Learn about the things you love doing that society deems as weird or unacceptable. Learn to love yourself for your weirdness. Stop believing what the world says about reality and conforming. You are a unique being. Your imperfections are what makes you who you are. There is no correct way to be. So, learn to love yourself for all that you are. Your flaws included.

Love yourself and don’t be afraid to be ‘weird’. Because you are a beautifully created being. A masterpiece of God. Stop believing lines in movies like ‘you complete me’ because if those lines are true it means you’re incomplete when you’re not in a relationship. And that’s false. God loves you. Learn to love you. And then maybe someone else will love you.

(unblogged thoughts about life)


2. UPSR, PMR and SPM have passed. Like the steps on a ladder, I’m moving onwards towards the next goal. But, it’s good advice that has made me stop to really think about what’s up there. When I reach the top, will I realise that my ladder has been placed along the wrong wall ll this while?

If the ladder is not leaning against the right wall, every step we take just gets us to the wrong place faster.

-Stephen R. Covey-

It is indeed very tricky. Not many are born with a knowledge of what their purpose in life is, what degrees to pursue and what career paths to take. However, the Bible does give good advice. In Proverbs 16:3, it says “Commit your work to the LORD, and your plans will be established”.

So start committing to the LORD the plans you have and the things you do which are pleasing to Him and may your plans be established.


(thoughts about plans and calling)



3. The future holds infinite possibilities. After secondary school, there are so many different paths leading to so many different futures.

However, know the fact that God will be there in each and every one of them. It doesn’t matter whether you become a doctor or an engineer or a musician or a teacher, He will be with you.

So, step out boldly. Take some time to listen to His voice. Listen to the people He has put in your life. Then make a decision. Stop being paralyzed!

As long as your decision is amoral, trust that your decision is the right one and that He’ll take care of you as you journey along your own unique path.

You are a masterpiece. Remember that and take a step towards your future today.



(faith and the future)


Da Ruey Quotes (#1): Which is more painful, the pain of trying or the pain of regret? —Da Ruey 


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