Long Distanced Friendship



“True friends are never apart, maybe in distance but not in heart.”

“What is friendship?”
This question might be easy to be answered by most people, but is ‘friendship’ really that easy to be defined? According to a dictionary, “friendship is a relationship in a state of mutual trust and support.”

Momentarily, close your eyes, think of everyone you call as a friend, and reminiscence. Can you see a lot of faces? Now I ask you, to all the faces you saw, those faces you call as a friend, are you in a state of relationship as defined by a dictionary?

Nowadays, people misuse the word ‘friend’ or ‘friendship’. They call a lot of people their friend yet they use that person as a stepping stone for the benefits or perks that they can have.

Friendship is a word that can be defined by a lot of people. Their definitions…

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