RAUDEY Volume 2



Too many of us use the phrases YOLO and ‘Go With the Flow’ too casually. You see those two phrases are usually used when you want to do something you know you should not do (as in most cases when we say YOLO) and to refrain from doing something you know you should do (which is when we usually say ‘Go With the Flow’).

We say YOLO when we don’t study before a test. We say ‘Go with The Flow’ when we are too lazy or uncomfortable about working for something.

But, the truth is we know what we should or should not be doing. We know that we should be studying but we’re not. We know that we should be working hard but instead we sit around and say phrases like the above ones. And worst of all, when the results come out or when life doesn’t turn out the way we expect it to, we complain. We complain about how a test is not fairly graded and the questions were too hard. We envy those who seem to be doing better than us at life without seeing the amount of effort and hard work they put in.

Instead of this scenario, let’s make a change. Take charge of your life. You are and always were in the driving seat of your life; now it’s just time you actually paid attention to steering.

CREATE YOUR OWN FLOW. Don’t follow or listen to what others tell you if you don’t want to. It’s okay to be different. If you want something, go for it. Instead of waiting and hoping that the flow of life and luck and the universe and whatever else will give you what you want, it’s time you work hard for it.

YOLO. You Only Live Once. Live well.


(thoughts about YOLO and Going with The Flow)





CHASE YOUR DREAMS! You’ve probably read or heard it so many times that you’re sick of it. People tell me that it’s impractical. That they need to support their parents. That they’re not rich. And I think to myself, “what does that even have to do with chasing your dreams?”

You see chasing your dreams is very difficult. Sorry, there’s no shortcut to success. You just got to work hard daily to get to the top. It’s the small things you do. It’s getting up early and freestyling alone, it’s watching hours of tutorials on video editing, it’s spending time reading on the topics you want to write about, it’s sitting at MCD at 7AM staring at the blinking cursor and an empty page and wondering what you’re going to write about, it’s blogging consistently for 6 months without getting much attention.

Chasing your dreams means people will laugh at you. They will tease you and they will discourage you. So, yes chasing your dreams is hard.

But, if you want it, you have to start. If you want abs, start working out. If you want to lose weight, start exercising. If you want to write a book, start writing the first page. If you want to run a marathon, start running one mile, if you want someone to be your life partner, start talking to her/him.
Because when you’re 80 and wrinkly, wouldn’t you want to show your grandchild the book you published or tell them how you chased after grandma instead of just giving them money?

Everyone has their own set of problems and disadvantages. But you know what everyone has that’s the same? 24 hours a day. USE TIME WISELY. GO CHASE DREAMS.


(on chasing dreams)

If you have a dream, don’t just sit there. Gather courage to believe that you can succeed and leave no stone unturned to make it into a reality—Dr. Roopleeh



I like being the weirdest person in the room. I like asking people to Google me, read my blog or to watch my YouTube videos. That’s what makes me stand out. I’m proud of my dreams and my efforts in chasing them. Are you?

Too many people want to be Barbies and Kens. They want to look like so and so celebrity. When in fact, true beauty is when you just be you. Totally 100% yourself. That’s beautiful trust me. It’s scary to show people who you really are but it’s worth it. The world has too many fakes. Be weird. Stand out. Make a difference. As Joyce says, BE-YOU-TIFUL  (read her article HERE)


(thoughts about being weird)


RAUDEY Volume 1  by Da Ruey

Be-you-tiful by Joyce Phung


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