Moving On

It seems so easy for some yet extremely difficult for others. What am I going on about? The issue of moving on.

When we think about these two words, what comes to the forefront of a teenager’s imagination is moving on from relationships. And yes, that’s one way to illustrate the two words. But, moving on also refers to the act of living in a new place or house and changing your opinions, ideas and behaviors on certain things according to the MacMillan Dictionary.

Today, in this third post under the My Journey category, I would like to share with you about how I’m moving on.

On the 20th of August (tomorrow), I’m headed to KL to begin the next part of my journey through life. I’ll be moving into an apartment, going through the orientation process and then starting the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. You see, even though my secondary school classmates, year mates and everybody else 😀 has begun their respective pre-university programs I have not. And I’ve been struggling to get back in mental shape since I haven’t been studying much since SPM in November last year.

Moreover, moving into a new environment such as not living under my parent’s roof presents its own set of challenges. For instance, no more home-cooked food. More house chores and the like. Moving on is hard!

But, as I mentioned in the second paragraph, moving on can also mean changing one’s opinions, ideas and behaviors. And that’s what I’m hoping will happen to me as I go through two years of rigorous studies, research, community service and co-curricular activities. I hope to be able to develop the habits that will shape my lifestyle as I mature into adulthood, have a great network of friends I can rely on and become a more open-minded and accepting individual. Someone who does not judge others but accepts them for who they are. Who sees their flaws and says “let’s work on that, TOGETHER!”

Moving on is hard. Anyone who has moved on from something or someone is ultimately changed somehow. Some change for the better and some for the worse. There will be obstacles and challenges I’l have to face in the coming two years. And they will change me (for the better, I hope and pray).

Happiness is not the absence of problems. It’s the ability to deal with them—Unknown

But, ultimately somethings should never change. One’s principles, one’s values and one’s unique/ “weirdness”!! I hope that after two years of IB, I’ll still have the PASSION (if not more) to inspire others, to chase after dreams and ultimately to serve God. I hope that I’ll still be the person who is able to make someone’s day and to give them HOPE. To put smiles on faces, to shed light amidst the darkness and to give people time and attention in a noisy world where “busy” is the new “fine” (in response to the question, “how are you?”). I want to still be the one who celebrates JOY  in everything. To be thankful for the good happenings in life, the fun, laughter and friendships. And also to be thankful for the not so good things and experiences which give me the chance to learn and to grow.

Moving on is never easy. Moving on without losing one’s identity and purpose in life is even harder.

It’s supposed to be hard! If it wasn’t hard everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great—Jimmy Dugan

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in secondary school, college, university, working or retired. Do not ever change who you are for someone else. Choose to be you. Because sincerely, you’re amazing whether you realise it or not. As for me, I hope that I will continue SPREADING PASSION, INSPIRING HOPE and CELEBRATING JOY with all of you.


Thank you for reading.


IB: The Next Dot by Da Ruey

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