Moving In

Moving in has not been a bed of roses

I moved into Unit 5 with two of my house mates and it just happened that we got the unit with the most household problems. We had a leaking kitchen sink which wanted to flood us with a ton of problems, (still have) a cranky doorknob which wants to lock me out of my room and a trippy little fuse box which threatened to leave us in the dark. Let me tell you their stories.



The kitchen sink started out wonderfully. We even connected a water filter to it to ensure we have purified water which is safe for consumption. And then, on the night of the first day, while we were out of the unit for a couple of hours, that’s when the kitchen sink decided to show its true colors. My housemate and I came back to our unit and was met by a flooded kitchen floor and a leaking sink. Water was dripping down the bottom of the sink and the cabinet which held it was thankfully empty. We turned off the water supply to the sink, mopped the floor and then requested for a maintenance team to fix the leak. The maintenance team arrived about two to three days later and thankfully the problem was solved.



Have you ever met a cranky door knob? If you have, you would know that there is every chance that the said door knob will lock you out of your room. It actually has done so to me—once. The problem with my door knob is that it cannot unlock properly. And that doesn’t mean that I can’t get in or get out of the room with ease. The thing is when I unlock the door, I am able to get into my room. But, the knob still remains in the locked state. So, when I leave the room and close the door—without any intention of locking it—the door is locked. And that was what happened on one of the days. It also so happened that my room key was on the table of the locked room. I was locked out of my own room by The Cranky Door Knob!!!

Thankfully, I called the housemasters and managed to get a spare key to unlock my room. The doorknob is still not fixed at the time of publishing this post. However, I like to think I’m doing a pretty good job of avoiding myself getting locked out of my own room again by always leaving my room keys in the living area. So far, the scoreboard still reads Cranky Door Knob 1-Daruey 0. Till I get it fixed that is. Then, we’ll see who gets the last laugh 😀



Have you ever had your house electricity trip? Yes? Well, me too. But, up until the point of living here a week ago, I never have had my electricity supply trip as many times as it has in Unit 5. On the first day itself, the fuse box made it clear to us that it did not want us in the unit. It showed off its best tricks and held nothing back. Tripping whenever we used the heater to shower, tripping when we had more than one air-conditioner unit turned on simultaneously and tripping when a vacuum or kettle is switched on while an air-conditioner unit was on. I remember the first night when the power tripped and we were left in the dark. Hot. Pitch black. Powerless. I woke up at 2 AM in the morning to turn the power back on and to continue my sleep under a fan for the rest of the night.

We never let it win though. We suffered and we sacrificed some of our normal comforts in life but we never gave up on life in Unit 5. We always got off our bums to push that tiny little switch up after every electricity trip. We showered in cold water for a week, we slept together in the master bedroom and we slept with fans for a whole week. But today, it happened. The electrician came around and fixed the problem. Despite the countless power trips (which if my counting serves me right is about 50 times now), we hopefully will not have any more troubles with it. And so it is, that I’m typing this out in my room with the air-condition on while my housemate is sleeping in his with the air-conditioned on too. DARK FUSE BOX, I’m sorry but it’s game over. We won.

I am totally looking forward to bathing with hot water for the first time since moving in here so thank you for reading. Till the next time, stay awesome.

P.S. now if only we can get our WiFi up and running…


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