3 Habits Successful Students Practice While Preparing For Examinations

It’s almost that time of the year again. Where the public examination is going to be just around the corner and students everywhere start panicking as the stress levels rise rapidly and hit a breaking point. At that point, the best students thrive while the not so good ones start cracking at the edges. What this means is the successful students continue to prepare well and go on to ace their exams while the ones who can’t deal with the stress prepare less successfully or generally do not do well during the exam itself. Today, let me share with you 3 habits that successful students practice while preparing for an examination that makes them ace their exams.

1. Getting enough rest/sleep


The temptation to burn the midnight oil and to study late into the night while on caffeine or other substances gets very real as the countdown to the examination day draws closer. Some might even say it’s normal to cut down on sleep to have more time for revision. I know I once thought so too. My friends and I even compared coffee brands in terms of their effectiveness in keeping us awake :-P. While I have fond memories of those days, in hindsight, I realise that the amount of effective/productive revision I did at 3-4 AM and other unearthly hours is much lower than if I revised when I was fresh and had enough sleep. So, here’s my advice: GET ENOUGH SLEEP! At least, 6 hours. At least. The recommended amount of sleep is 7 to 8 hours according to various scientific studies. While sleeping might seem like a waste of time as the examination approaches, I can assure you that it is not. Sleeping helps you to feel refreshed, helps you to concentrate better the following day and even helps you to remember things you have revised. When you sleep, your body recharges, your mind takes a break, and your brain connects the things you have revised or learned throughout the day. It is also healthy to take an afternoon nap whenever possible. This helps break up your study sessions and makes them less stressful while helping ensure you do not face burnouts.

2. Eating Well-Balanced Meals


Successful students know the importance of eating well-balanced and nutritious meals. It helps your brain to work better, keeps your taste buds happy, and ensures your body has enough fuel to work with as you prepare for the examination. So, skip the instant noodles and the fast food joints as the examination approaches. It goes without saying then that the answer to whether you should skip meals is NO!

3. Exercising regularly


Exercise, in my opinion, is one of the key factors behind the success of successful students and people all over the globe. For example, successful entrepreneurs and businessmen such as Gary Vaynerchuck, Warren Buffet and others usually start their day by exercising. And science and the statistics back them up. The people who exercise generally do better than those who don’t. But, why exercise? Well, firstly exercise keeps you healthy as you push your body and mind a little harder as your prepare for an examination. Exercise also helps you to reduce stress levels and even makes you happier as it releases endorphins which make you feel energised and psyched. This also keeps your motivation levels relatively high at a time when you will easily get depressed. Exercise is also said to boost brainpower and sharpen memory, so hey, why not exercise?

Personally, as I prepared for the public examination a year ago, I had to learn these 3 habits the hard way. If you’ve read The Secret Behind My SPM Success and How You Can Do It Too!, you’ll know that I was depressed and burnout as I prepared for the public examination. However, after some advice and counselling and as I started practising these 3 habits, I slowly got back on track and managed to pull through and do relatively well (8 A+ and 3As). So, I hope you give these 3 habits a go and see how they work for you. All the best in your studies! 🙂

Thank you for reading.


The Secret Behind My SPM Success and How You Can Do It Too! 

Musings of A Straight A+ Student


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