3 Goals I Plan to Achieve Before 2016 Ends

The reason why so many people fail to achieve the things they want in life is because they fail to set goals. Yes, it’s as simple as that.

Benjamin Franklin said, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”

Since the month of October just started and it’s been some time since I published 5 Goals I Plan To Achieve in The Next 3 Months, I thought this would be a good time to list down some goals which I’m hoping to achieve before the year ends.

1. Start working on my studies

Since starting the IB programme, I have been pretty caught up with the routine of going to school and learning once more. Despite the IB being much more interesting and the learning being more engaging, there is still much to be done with assignments, tests and some projects starting to pile up. And so, it’s about time that I started focusing on my studies and revision once more. I want to be able to fulfill the academic potential that I know I have. I’m not going to lie and say that the IB is easy and everything but what I can say is that I sure enjoy studying much more now compared to in secondary school. I hope that after 3 months, I’ll be doing well and enjoy learning the subjects I’m taking in the IB.



2. Blog consistently

When I started blogging about 8-9 months back, a lot of people said that it was a good thing to do with my free time. However, those who had then started their pre-university studies also told me that I would probably be too busy to blog once I started studying. And, I’ve been proving them wrong.

I believe that what you prioritise, you will find time for—Da Ruey

It’s not easy to find time to blog especially with the IB life starting to kick in. Just ask anyone who has taken the IB or read up about it on the Internet and you’ll find that it is probably the most stressful course with the heaviest workload compared to other pre-university programs. However, once you make something a priority, it’s much easier to find time for it. For example, I’m spending less time on YouTube and social media and spending more time on blogging instead. And I’ve been posting a new post each week.Consistently.

Despite this, there are many various tasks and assignments coming up in the IB program, and so my hope is that I’ll at least be able to publish a new blog post once every 2 weeks.

*thank you to all of you who constantly read my posts and share them. Love you guys and girls 🙂 *

3. Keep Improving My Freestyle 

It’s been hard for me to find the time and sometimes the motivation to do my freestyle training as I usually get back from school at 5 in the evening on most days of the week. Having to train in an empty gym all by myself doesn’t help either. However, that’s not stopping me. I’ve always loved Basquait Picasso‘s motivational videos and lately I’ve found myself “binge-watching” his content to get my motivation levels soaring right before a training session (go check out his channel if you have not, it’s an amazing resource that everyone should know about!)

My aim for this 3 months is to upload a new YouTube video with an increased level of trick difficulty. This will be a big challenge as the last video was already a big step up in terms of difficulty level but I’ll keep training and see how it goes.

Those are the 3 goals I’m hoping to achieve in the next 3 months. Do continue to support me as I work towards achieving them.


Thank you for reading.


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