The 2 Things I Know for Sure

*to all of you who are going through your personal storms in life*

If there’re two things I know for sure, one of it is the fact that there will be rainy days and dark skies. No matter how many days seem to pass when everything seems sunny, flowers seem to be blooming and life seems to be good, I can assure you that the dark skies and rainy days will come.


And when they come, they will seem to be the worst thing that ever happened in your life. No matter how well you seem to have prepared yourself—raincoat, umbrella and all—it seems that the rain will always get to you. Strong winds push raindrops into your face and water levels rise as the rain falls and the water soaks your shoes and socks, your umbrella threatens to fly away to a destination only it knows where and once again, you feel misery. You wonder why there have to be rainy days. You wonder why life can’t just be sunny days and easy-going and why life has to be filled with challenges and obstacles. You think back to the obstacles you faced in the past. And you tell yourself, that this obstacle and challenge you’re going through right now is the hardest. That this is the heaviest downpour you have ever been in. And you know what, you might be right. Life might have just placed you in the heaviest and worst downpour of the century. But, that’s no reason to be bitter. Yes, you are allowed to be sad. That happens to everyone. Take some time off to be sad. That’s fine. But then, I want you to tilt your head up, look at the skies and remember that the sun is still out there. Somewhere far and distant, behind the thick and dark clouds and beyond our atmosphere. But, it’s still shining and it will shine once more after the rain.

A photo by Andrew Small.

You see, the purpose of life is not for us to avoid challenges, obstacles, and sufferings. That’s escapism. That’s just immaturity and childhood fantasies of escaping hardships. The purpose of life is for us to embrace challenges and to learn to overcome them. And most importantly, to learn something about ourselves along the way. To learn how to just let go of all our best-quality umbrellas and raincoats and to just let loose. To just open up your arms and look up at the skies and feel the beautiful sensation of raindrops falling on your face. And to learn that the rain will always come. That there will always be challenges in life. But, you have got to learn to not let them get you down to the point where you do not get up again. You have got to learn to dance in the rain. You have got to learn to feel the rain as part of nature’s beauty and offerings. And you have to believe. You have to learn to not give up. Just because something is hard, it does not mean that you can’t accomplish it. Life will always be hard. It’s unfair. Didn’t you get the memo? But, don’t worry. Because at the end of the day, the rain always stops. Maybe not in a few hours or even a few days, but trust me if there’re two things I know for sure, then the second thing I know for sure is that the rain will always stop. The dark skies will go away. The sun will come back out to shine upon us and to give out its marvelous light and warmth. And, you know what excites me most about the rain? It’s the fact that you might be able to see a rainbow afterward. And the rainbow is a beautiful sign. A symbol of the challenges and hardships you faced. And the rainbow signifies that you came out of it. That you survived and that you live to see another rainbow again someday.3svf6ux37u

So, don’t be afraid of the rain. Because if there’s two things I know for sure, one of it is that there will always be rainy days and dark skies. But, the rain ALWAYS STOPS and the dark skies will ALWAYS go away. So, keep smiling, be grateful for your circumstances in life, and continue working towards your goals and dreams.

Thank you for reading.

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