IB: 2 Months In

IB is hard. Life is hard. Don’t give up—Da Ruey (note to self)

It’s been 2 months since I started the IB course and I must say that I have learned a lot since. Firstly, it’s been a new experience for me to stay in the hostel—away from my parents. However, after the first few weeks,  I’ve settled in and am very grateful for my two wonderful housemates and the rest of the scholars who are boarding which have made the boarding experience an absolutely fun one.

14786948_1039037729542245_612722658_o-part of the amazing guy squad at Daryl’s surprise birthday party-

Dinners together, surprise birthday parties and a whole lot of banter has ensured that my last two months were colorful ones. Doing my own laundry, washing dishes, taking out the trash, a little bit of cooking, and other house chores have also helped me learn to be a responsible and independent teenager.

14796049_1039028622876489_2037197390_o-my food when I go vegetarian-

Every weekday, I get up at about 6 (usually with the help of one of my housemates 😀 ), shower and then get some breakfast. All this has to be done before 7 which is the time that the shuttle bus leaves. Being IB students, the rest of the scholars and I usually do not have enough sleep and we catch up with about 20 minutes of sleep on the journey to school each day.

School? For those of you who are wondering, yes I still go to school. I go to St Joseph International Schoo in PJ which just opened this term and am part of the pioneer batch of seniors there. Being part of a pioneer batch has been really fun and eye-opening experience. As the pioneer senior batch, the other IB students and I get to start new clubs and activities that we are interested in, decide how the student council model of the school will look like, and also set the culture of the school. Sure, there’s a lot of pressure as the younger ones all the way from the nursery and the kindergarten students look up to us, but it’s all part of the experience. Would I trade it to go and do a normal pre-university course like A-Levels at a private college? NO 🙂

-pictures of the IB students-

The teachers I have are the best that I have encountered so far. Caring, dedicated and masters of their craft, they make learning such an enjoyable process. The IB however, has taken me aback at times, as the work starts to pile up and the workload continues to increase in the coming months. Assignments, essays, and tests to prepare for has been hard to cope with at times. In addition, the IB requires us to fulfill our duties in CAS which stand for Creativity, Action, and Service. Taking part in activities to fulfill the three strands of CAS while maintaining good academic grades has been a hard balancing act at times. Being part of the school football team ensures that I return home on Tuesdays after the training exhausted and with much lesser time for homework than other days. However, as with most things, if you enjoy what you’re doing or taking part in, the process is usually easier to cope with. And I’m enjoying everything that I’m doing so far.

14807853_1039029459543072_1425526217_o-picture of Minh, Shao Jun and I after we made the school team-

I’m extremely grateful for the chance to be in the position I’m in right now and getting the opportunity to do the IB. I’m thankful for the wonderful friends and teachers I’m surrounded with and the support that my family gives me. I’m happily looking forward to more amazing times to come in the near future.

P.S. I’m on a week-long holiday break for the half-term so I’m finally back home in Melaka for the firs time in 2 months 😀


14813400_1039037679542250_1346510930_oWith Miko, the noisiest one in the hostel 😀

14786991_1039037542875597_576046378_o-swimming with Daryl at the rooftop of our place-

14795948_1039038202875531_723964654_o-just chilling-

14799804_1039036519542366_931532276_oalways having fun and being myself while Amanda looks on 🙂


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