Last week, I wrote a post about beauty in the world that is present in our everyday lives. This week, I decided to continue writing about beauty—but this time on a more personal level.

Human beauty has and will always be a topic on any human’s minds more so but not exclusive to when we are in our teenage years. This idea of beauty has always been present throughout the ages with people like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor being seen as beauty icons even up to this day. But, the question of “what is beauty and how do we define it?” then naturally arises.

The world almost always defines beauty in a physical way with beautiful women being objectified and recognized for their physical beauty. And this idea of beauty is harmful to teenagers and young adults. This idea of beauty is usually thought of as applying to females only but I would like to propose that it applies to males too. Teenagers and young adults, male or female, are affected by this idea of physical beauty that the world continues to propagate daily through commercials with physically fit men and thin and tall female models. This concept of beauty affects the way we see ourselves and develop our identities.

We strive to be like the people whom the world defines as beautiful. We live for the approval of others—Instagram and Facebook likes being a fine example. And that’s also why some of us workout to get six pack abs or diet to get hourglass figures. And I’m not saying that it’s wrong. But if the purpose of doing that is just to obtain physical beauty in the eyes of the world, it’s meaningless.

I hope instead, we’ll be able to develop this idea that beauty is not just physical but can be seen in other aspects such as someone’s personalities and actions. In a world where mass media continues to promote physical beauty in order to continue preying on people’s insecurities to drive business, it’s hard to go against the flow. But, when you do, that’s when you’ll start appreciating the people around you more. You start seeing that the people who care for you and show it in their actions are beautiful. You start realizing that physical beauty is not something you prioritize in seeking a life partner, but instead, you’ll prioritize a beautiful personality in him or her (because you’ll die old and wrinkly in the end 🙂 ).

Beauty is not gender-specific and it’s definitely not limited to a certain percentage of the human population. Beauty is not the clothes you wear or how your face or body looks. Beauty is not about the products you use or the number of likes you get on your social media. Beauty is in you. Beauty is in the way you express yourself and the way you act. Beauty is when you live without conforming to what the world tells you is right or wrong. Beauty is when you are able to live life on your own rules. Beauty is when you wear what you want because you know that clothes do not define who you are. Beauty is when you be that amazing and loyal friend. Beauty is when you eat what you what and how much of it as you like, Beauty is being able to be yourself in a world which wants you to be the same as everyone else. All of us are beautifully created creatures which are wonderful and intricately made with wonderful differences that make us stand out from everyone else. Beauty is not about hiding these differences but instead embracing them and showing them off. When you do that, you’re beautiful, no matter what others say.

img-20160801-wa0002Picture of me proving that beauty is not  defined by the clothes we wear (photo credits: Cadence)

Beauty is not about hiding your differences, it’s about embracing them and showing them off—Ngim Da Ruey

Thank you for reading.

(P.S. go read this BEAUTIFUL post titled “Be-you-tiful” by Joyce Phung)


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