The Best Christmas Gift You Can Give in 2016



As Christmas approaches, we are constantly reminded of the spirit of giving just as how God first gave us Jesus on the very first Christmas.

Giving gifts is a very common practice all over the world during this festive season. But, surely we’ve all received gifts that we did not really like on more than one occasion.

We might even be guilty of giving gifts that someone else might not have really liked. So, here’s how you can give the best Christmas gift in 2016.


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetHow do we give the gift of time? Here are two ways on how to do it:

1. Put time and effort into a giftstocksnap_4z13us1n8h

Put time and effort into coming up with a gift or buying one for someone else. Don’t just go to the mall and get the first thing in sight.

Spend time thinking about what you know about the person’s interests. Then, go deeper and think about the things that are unique to your friendship or relationship with him or her.

Then, try coming up with an idea for a gift that will show that you really know that person. Come up with a gift that is personal and shows that you took time and effort in doing it.

When you spend time and put effort into giving a gift that is both unique and personal, I bet you that the other person will very much like it and appreciate it. It also shows that you cared enough to stop and think about the person before you got them a gift.

2. Be fully present


During Christmas parties or gathering with families, it’s not common to see teenagers or even young adults in the common room with their heads down, each looking at their own smartphones and blindly scrolling through Facebook or Instagram.

During this Christmas, give someone your time by starting conversations and participating in them instead of being absorbed in fiddling with your phones.

Wherever you are, be all there—Jim Elliot

Be fully present in a situation. Snapchat can wait sometimes. Your followers do not need your attention all the time.

What’s more important is the people you are with right there and then. Spending time with them matters more than adding another Snap to your story.

When you’re fully present in a situation and start spending time with the people around you, that is when you learn more about someone and get closer to them.

Don’t worry about talking with the older relatives especially. They’re wise and have a lot of wisdom to share if you listen.

Some of you might say that you’re not used to having conversations and it will be awkward. Well, here’s my secret tip for how to take part in conversations:


When you listen to what someone has just said, ask a question that is related to that and the conversation will keep going. Then also find places where you can talk a little about yourself.

When the other person also asks related questions, that’s when you have a conversation going.

During a time where everyone’s attention is on so many things at once, being fully focused on actually having a conversation with someone is one of the best gifts that you can give this season.

This Christmas, let’s give our loved ones the best gift ever—TIME. When you give someone the gift of time, it truly is the most expensive and valuable gift of all.

Giving someone your time means that they’re worthy of a part of your life. It conveys that they’re so valuable that you are willing to spend some your limited time here on Earth on them.

Giving the gift of time is the most beautiful gift ever and will lead to better friendships and relationships as we head into the new year really soon.

How can you give someone your time during this Christmas season?


THANK YOU for reading and a very Merry Christmas to all of you 😀


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