You Are More Than Just A Living Being

You are more than just a living being

You are more than just your body and outward appearance

You are a person made of your heart, mind

and most importantly your soul.


Guard your heart,

For it is the core of your emotional being

Your mood and your feelings are determined by it.


Nourish your minds,

An empty mind is a devil’s playground,

Fill yours with intriguing and exciting thoughts,

Find people and friends which do

more than just gossip and small talk with you,

Find those whom you are able to have deep conversations with

and those who are able to expand your minds.


Listen to your soul,

It is the truest part of yourself,

Remember that your soul is eternal,

When you die it remains,

Pay good heed to it,

If it tells you in a small voice or a gut feeling

or a subconscious thought or in any way at all

what you should do or what you are missing in your life, listen!


Most of all remember that your soul is complete,

It does not require a soul mate,

Your soul is immortal,

Existing through heaven or hell after you die,

Live your life well.


You are more than just a living being,

You have a heart, a mind

And you have a soul

You are eternal,

Life is not!



Thank you for reading

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