daruey life updates #2 – a shift in mindset

Hey there, wow guess what? I’m writing. Again. Whoa. Anyways, things have gone from bad to worse and lockdown was announced yesterday night. My parents drove up to pick me home today morning as they didn’t want me to go to the bus station because there’s going to be a lot of people there etc.

So yes, I’m back home. My online classes are only starting next week so that is kinda nice as I’m going to have some time to work on some assignments as well as have some time for myself to do things like writing this kind of posts yayy.

Anyways, I was on Instagram yesterday after the news of the lockdown was announced. I came across a post from one of my favourite entrepreneurs/business accounts, @julesmarcoux, where he announced that he would be starting a daily writing series about how he is learning and going through the process of marketing through this pandemic.

What that post did for me was to help change my mindset and mood from that of negativity and feeling like there are so many things I can’t do to a positive mood and that of excitement as I search for opportunities to do things that could only be done during this special period.

Jules’s talking about how in this period,

it’s always a fight, flight or freeze

and how he sees it as a big opportunity to scale (grow) his company like never before just made me realize how lacking the current media is of content like that.

There are posts about how many cases there are, supplies running out, how to stay safe, etc. And those are good but there’s been just too much of it. It’s good to stay informed but it also puts you in a defensive stance in my opinion.

You’re just watching, waiting it out and hoping that it does not affect you too much. And that’s good but what about growth and seizing opportunities and THRIVING in this period where everyone is cowering and living in fear. Where are the positive messages telling you about how you can pick up skills, create connections and have a good time while being at home?

Where are the people going on the OFFENSE while everyone is on DEFENSE?

I admit it’s difficult to shift one’s perspective and mindset of the situation. It was and still is difficult for me but in the process of even trying, its a step of growth in the right direction in my opinion. Anyways, here are some ways I’ve changed my mindset:

  1. I sent out an email today suggesting content centering on positive messages to an Instagram page.
  2. I started reading a fiction book (haven’t done this in a long time as I’ve been reading non-fiction and religion mostly) to help relax my mind and to boost my creativity and writing.
  3. I’m continuing to cultivate the content that appears on my social media (unfollowing accounts/people that have been harping on how bleak the situation is without suggesting any steps to overcome it)
  4. I wrote this post today despite feeling a little lazy/unmotivated to do it
  5. I’m not having classes this week so I’m excited to see what else I’m going to be doing besides studying and my assignments

Anyways, that’s it from me. I hope you find your own ways to grow and thrive in this season. Don’t live in fear. Go on the OFFENSE!

Much love,

Da Ruey


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