Why I’m Writing Blog Posts in 2020

It’s been close to 2 years since I posted on here and in today’s post I just wanted to write about why I haven’t been writing blog posts. Ironic? I know.

Anyways, the last one and a half to two years (let’s just say two for convenience’s sake from now on), I have not completely stopped writing in case you were wondering. I have still been writing but I’ve been posting my pieces on Instagram instead. You can check them out @daruey

The difference, however, is quite a major one. The things I’m writing about on Instagram varies from the things I write about on this blog. And the length, oooh the length. In trying to keep in line with attention spans, my writing and pieces on Instagram have shorter lengths compared to normal blog posts.

The idea of convenience played a part too, the fact that to access a blog post I post on here, someone would have to go to the link in my bio and click on it instead of just seeing my writing appear in their feed or their stories meant that there were probably going to be fewer people reading blog posts compared to Instagram posts.

I tried to fit in, to keep up with the times, to be able to impact a larger audience or at least that’s what I told myself. And to a certain extent, I think I was able to achieve all that but as more time went by and as I started this year, I really felt like something wasn’t right.

It wasn’t that my writing on Instagram was bad or anything but writing did not bring the same amount of joy as it previously did. I felt pressured to write “perfectly” in order to help make an impact on people. I wanted to inspire but in trying to do so in this manner, I lost my inspiration or the better parts of it at least.

I also felt like I was writing things in a manner that seemed a holier/wiser – than thou approach. And I did not want to do any of that anymore this year. I have been reexamining the reason why I write, why I call myself a writer and storyteller and the calling I first received that made me start this whole blog and writing in general.

It’s not been easy and that’s why I’ve been struggling even to write this first post back on this blog after knowing in my heart that I wanted to start blogging again. I’ve had to question my own identity and purpose (I’ll write about this in another post) and sometimes deep in thought, it spills out into other areas of my life.

There’s uncertainty in things I used to believe in deeply. There have been doubts about my friendships and relationships. There have been struggles over the things I do on a regular basis and whether I should continue doing them or if I should move on to different things.

There has been unbelief in my ability as a writer; on whether people would and should even be reading what I write. All in all, it has been a really tough journey and I’m barely making some headway through all these challenges.

I have however rediscovered certain things. Like why I write and what to write about. I am thankful that when I first started this blog, I did a whole of things right. One of those things is an ABOUT page or in this blog’s case, my BIO page.

I’m grateful that I took the time to figure out the whole purpose of this blog and why I started writing and I was able to write it down in a concise and clear manner on that page. As I start to write again in 2020, there’s no doubt in my mind that I will be referring to that page numerous times to remind myself of the purpose of my writing.

To quote myself, “my mission through this blog is to share my stories, experiences and what I’ve learned from each of them in order to inspire and help others out along their own journeys through life”.

The big thing that stands out to me from what I wrote there was the word, “JOURNEY”. Looking at the current state of content on social media and the internet in general, so many times, it focuses on the end results. It showcases the victories, the rewards, the end product. Rarely, does it show the PROCESS, the STRUGGLE, or THE JOURNEY.

And I remember Gary Vee teaching someone how to produce content that it is more important to DOCUMENT not CREATE. As someone who considers myself as a CREATIVE and an ARTIST, that speaks volumes. So many times, there’s this fear of putting out content because it’s not “PERFECT”. Well, spoiler alert: IT NEVER IS!

What I’m learning from that is to just write and to publish even when sometimes I’m afraid. Even when some things are not perfect. Because ultimately, I can still look back on it in the future and see room for improvement for the next posts. And that EXCITES ME! The idea of growth and getting better at something. Hell yeah! I’m excited to see how much I’m going to learn from that.

So yeah, I’m hoping that this blog will be a place where I share my journey and the things I go through and the things that I’m learning from them that might hopefully encourage and inspire you, the reader.

Another big thing that I’m really hoping for my writing on this blog is that it is going to be REAL. The easiest way I can think of in being REAL in the posts I write or the things I share on social media is to include the NEGATIVE parts of life.

It is to share about the things I struggle with, the things I’m bad at, how shitty someone or something made me feel and hopefully, hopefully how I came out from that as a better person. I don’t know about you, but for me, I have always felt that these are the things that relate more to people than just sharing about the HIGH POINTS in life.

Like a friend, Christine (@nagakam), wrote, “mountains are just as real as valleys. Recovery is just as real as sickness. Winning is just as real as losing. *check out her post “cynical” btw. Its amazing and I drew inspiration from it in writing this post 🙂 *

Anyways, that’s the long and short of it. If you’ve stuck around till this point, I hope that means that the post has been interesting or engaging or you’re just a really good friend! Here’s to more amazing content in 2020!

Love you all ❤️,

Da Ruey

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