What If?


What if Death never took her?

What if Death never came?

Had he just walked past my door

And not slowed for a second more

Would she still be here

A young and beautiful girl.


What if Death never came?

What if he decided not to stay?

Would she have lived on

Never to move on

To grow up

And be my little buttercup.


What if Death never stayed?

What if he left and came back 70 years down the way?

Would she still be here

Growing up and doing well

Bringing joy to everyone

For years and years to come.


70 years down the way,

I might not have it figured out in my head


I know she’s gone back to the Father

Who knows what’s best for His daughter

Though now I live with the mystery of the unknown

I know that I’ll see her again one day back in our heavenly Home.



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RAUDEY Volume 2



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